Monkeys and Mountainside Scooter Drifting

*****EDIT: Just updated this post again...everything should be fixed now. Sorry for the technical difficulties!

It has been quite the trip thus far. Forgive me if i sound a bit while writing this. I've been sick for almost nine days now with the worst cough of my life...eeep! No sleep leaves my mind a bit cloudy. Anyways, after departing the hotel in KL, Malaysia, we headed to an old friend's house tucked away in a nice little neighborhood. She used to work with my parents back in '94 at the International School of Kuala Lumpur, when we lived here. Scattering her house were countless sets of paws. Some elegant, some tattered with age, she rescues dogs and brings them to a new life of love and care. They were hilarious to say the least.

I had the great pleasure of visiting my old house...and after all these years...nothing was as it seamed in my memory...ha. I'm not sure how to take this all yet, but i didn't even recognize the neighborhood. More to discuss on this topic later, when my mind is in a more engaged state. I had the contact info with names of our old neighbors, so i decided to give it a go and knock on the door. To my greatest suprise, an elderly man with a large smile greeted me at the door. After i explained who i was, and about five minutes of him prying through his mind...he came to and remembered everything. He welcomed us in and made cold drinks.

What's even more amazing, is that the childhood friend i grew up playing with in this very yard, was now my age...and sleeping upstairs. The father ran to the stairs and yelled up to him, and before i knew it, we were all catching up sharing stories, laughing about the random visit. The three of us grabbed dinner and tea later that night at a local little spot...such amazing food. He is quite the musician and plays for a few local bands, as well as one of the most premier bands in Malaysia, with a record label already under his belt.

We are currently on an Island called Langkawi, which to be honest, i'm not sure how i feel about yet. It's very resort like, but filled with many local shops and street vendors. I have never in my life been on any sort of motorized two wheeled vehicle...until now. We rented scooters and have been cruising around the mountain side and beach roads for three days now. It is SOOO fun! A real Tokyo Drift time...ha. Almost biffing it a few times of course in the rain, but i could see myself buying a motorcycle someday...and probably having that be the last mistake i ever make. I'm writing this from a little cyber cafe, which is ridiculously cheap. About 2 dollars an great.

Hoping this cough goes away soon, as it has been miserable, but i'm feeling a bit better today, so hopes are high. I haven't taken but three rolls with my medium format camera so far. Perhaps its the mindset i'm in. I have a feeling when i get to China, that will all change though, as the scenery is vastly different. Forgive the image quality on this post, as the monitor quality i'm working from is that of a toaster from the 50s. Thank you for all your support! Hope all is well with everyone!

All the best, David


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