The City Bakery

On any given day, the luscious scent of freshly baked cookies dances through the streets of Nolita. The origin...Birdbath Bakery. A quaint little hole in the wall located directly across from the Desalvio Playground. Tasty treats of all sorts can be had, but rest assured the chocolate chip cookies are no joke. Freshly baked morsels stacked a dozen cookies high tantalize as they glisten in the window, for all Spring Street passerbyers to enjoy. Those who are lured in, will be sure to leave with a smile. If you're not in the mood for sugary treats, not to fret. Sandwiches, coffee, and a myriad of other baked goods are sure to satiate your appetite. The perfect place to stop by on a sunny afternoon and treat your sweet tooth to a lovely time.